• Cheese and Tomato

    Cheese and Tomato
    Mozzarella cheese & Tomato Sauce
  • Special vegetarian

    Special vegetarian
    Mushroom,Onion, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomato,Pineapple and Sweetcorn
  • Superme Pizza

    Superme Pizza
  • Doner Mix Pizza

    Doner Mix Pizza
    Lamb Doner,Chicken Doner,Onion,Fresh Tomato(Salad and Burger Sauce aded after Cooking
  • Vegetarian Deluxe

    Vegetarian Deluxe
    Mushroom,Onion, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomato,Jalapenos,Olives and Sweetcorn
  • Meaty One

    Meaty One
    Lamb,pepperoni,chicken and sausage
  • Mixed Grill

    Mixed Grill
    Tomato,Sweetcorn,Pineapple,Peppers,Gound Lamb and Chilli
  • Turkey Pizza

    Turkey Pizza
    Turkey,Mushrooms,Onions,Green Peppers,Tandoori Chicken,Sweetcorn and Salami
  • Chicken and Pineapple

    Chicken and Pineapple
  • Hot and Spicy

    Hot and Spicy
    Lamb,onion,green peppers,fresh tomato,chilli
  • Sultan Special

    Sultan Special
    Lamb,pepperoni,chicken,sausage,mushroom,sweetcorn,green pepper,pineapple and oregano
  • Tandoori Hot

    Tandoori Hot
    Tandoori Chicken,Onions,Mushrooms,Green Peppers,Jalapenos
  • BBQ Original

    BBQ Original
    Plain Chicken,Green Peppers,Onion,BBQ Sause
  • Hawaiian

    Turkey,Ham and Pineapple
  • Vegetarian Hot

    Vegetarian Hot
    Mushroom,Onion, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomato,Chilli
  • Seafood Special

    Seafood Special
    Prawns,Anchovies,Tuna,onion,green pepper and olives
  • Texas BBQ

    Texas BBQ
    BBQ Sauce,Tandoori Chicken,Ground Lamb,Peppers,Sausage and Olives
  • Doner Pizza

    Doner Pizza
    Touch of Garlic Butter,Doner Meat,Onion,Jalapeno (salad and Burger sauce added after cooking)
  • Vegetarian

    Mushroom,Onion, Green Pepper, Fresh Tomato
  • Four Seasons

    Four Seasons
    Lamb,pepperoni,mushrooms,onion and green peppers
  • New Mexican Special

    New Mexican Special
    Ground Lamb,Onion,Garlic,Green Chilli,Fresh Tomato,Sweetcorn,Green Pepper,Oregano and Herbs
  • Pizza Town Special

    Pizza Town Special
    Mushrooms,Onions,Lamb,Pepperoni,Sweetcorn,Green Peppers and Pineapple
  • Free Choice

    Free Choice
    4 Toppings of your Choice
  • Chicken and Mushroom

    Chicken and Mushroom
    Chicken and Mushroom
  • Seafood

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