Meal Deals

Meal Deals

  • Chicken Wrap Meal

    Chicken Wrap Meal
    Chicken Pieces in a trotilla wrap,1 Portion of Chips,1 can of Soft Drink
  • Nuggets or Wings

    Nuggets or Wings
    6pcs Chicken Nuggets OR 6pcs Hot Wings OR 6pcs Grilled Wings,REG Fries and can of Drink
  • Burger Meal

    Burger Meal
    Any Burger (Except 1/2lb'ers), Reg Fries and can of soft Drink or 2 Hot Wings
  • American Recipe

    American Recipe
    2pcs of Chicken,Chips and can of drink
  • Variety Box

    Variety Box
    3pcs Chicken,3 Hot Wings,Reg Fries and can of drink
  • Family Chicken Feast

    Family Chicken Feast
    8pcs Chicken,8 Hot Wings, 4 REG Fries,1LRG Coleslaw and Bottle of Drink
  • Party Chciken Feast

    Party Chciken Feast
    10pcs Chicken,8 Hot Wings, 4 REG Fries,LRG Coleslaw and Bottle of Drink
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